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Company History

We started strictly as a mobile detailing company, traveling to customers’ homes and workplaces. After five years or so, the amount of customers had built up to the point that we finally needed a home base. We are conveniently located on Glenway Avenue, less than 10 minutes from I-74/I-275. We no longer offer mobile detailing, however we do offer FREE pickup and delivery within a reasonable distance because convenience for the customer is key.

General Information

Auto detailing is the most overlooked aspect in the upkeep of your precious vehicle. It is common knowledge that it is a necessity to get your oil changed, keep your tires inflated, etc. but many people do not realize the benefits of a truly clean automobile. Over time, the paint and wheels on your vehicle will collect dirt, tar, sap, bird droppings, road salt, brake dust, and other contaminants. Without proper care these contaminants will eventually ruin your paint and wheels.

Routine HAND car washes and proper paint reconditioning/protection is the answer. There are a few reasons I stress a hand car wash rather than a drive thru/quickie car wash. Yes, they are convenient because they are fast and usually relatively inexpensive. The first problem is that the majority of these contaminants are not being removed from your paint. Your car may look clean when it’s done, but these washes will not remove the bugs, bird droppings, sap, etc. that need additional attention/effort/products to remove.

The second problem is similar to the first, but has to do with the wheels. So many times I see people driving around with “clean” cars, with water still dripping off the car, but the wheels are still filthy. These car washes obviously cannot get the wheels clean, and if brake dust is left on the wheels, over time it gets baked on to the point where it is nearly impossible to get off. You then have to get the wheels professionally cleaned/reconditioned to get them back to looking new (if possible). The third reason is that these automatic washes will basically do more harm to your paint than good. These harsh, dirty brushes being used will leave your paint covered in swirl marks. Swirl marks are scratches in the finish that are most noticeable in direct sunlight.

A proper car wash by hand can be done at home with the right products, or can be done at a professional shop. It is generally always going to cost more, but you will save yourself a lot of money/time/frustration in the end. With our full service hand wash, you are basically receiving a mini detail. The vehicle is washed by hand, with a clean microfiber mitt. All of the bugs, tar, bird droppings are removed with the proper products. The wheels are cleaned by hand. The car is dried with a soft chamois as opposed to towels that can also scratch the paint. The tires and wheel wells are dressed. The windows are cleaned, and the dash is dusted. The vehicle is then swept out and the mats are all scrubbed and deodorized. A spray wax/quick detailer is then used on the whole vehicle for a little added protection until your next wash or polish/wax.

A vehicle also needs to be prepped, polished, and waxed/sealed periodically to protect the finish. I always recommend getting it done at least twice a year (once before winter and once before summer). The paint always needs to be prepped (with a paint cleaner, light compound, or clay) before polishing. This will take care of most the contaminants that could not be removed with washing. The polishing will bring the depth and color back to the paint. A lot of times black, reds, and other deep dark colors will fade over time if not properly protected. Polishing will normally correct this problem.

Then, the vehicle will need to be waxed or sealed. This is the step that will protect your paint from future contaminants, harsh winter weather, summer heat, etc. This is just a brief summary of the more generally known steps of paint reconditioning/protection, but is by no means an overall guide for all vehicles. Remember, every vehicle varies and needs different products to correct different problems.
I hope I have provided some useful information and possibly enlightened some people on the importance of taking care of your vehicle cosmetically. If anyone has any specific questions about the above information, or any other questions you have, do not hesitate to call the office or stop by. At Beyond Perfection, we are here to help and never charge for information.

**Our Full Detail Package Includes:**

Hand Wash
Wheel Wells & Tires Cleaned/Dressed
Wheels Thoroughly Cleaned/Protected
Engine Cleaned/Dressed (if requested)
Bugs/Tar/Sap Removed
Machine Polish
Hand Wax/Sealant
All Exterior Vinyl Surfaces Dressed
All Jambs Degreased/Cleaned
Inside & Outside Windows Cleaned
Carpet Shampoo/Deodorize
Seats Cleaned/Conditioned (if leather)
All Interior Vinyl Surfaces Cleaned
Shampoo/Deodorize Floormats
Headliner Cleaned
Final Inspection